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Welcome to a website for China Button Collectors...
a place to exchange information, to share ideas,
and to view China Buttons from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

News about China Buttons
Find out what is new in the world of china button collecting.

The Calico Project
A new calico book is coming! Search your calico collection for rare patterns needed to complete the book.

Tour the Bapterosses Factory Museum
In September 2005, several collectors visited the Bapterosses factory museum in Briare, France.
Click on the photo of the amazing display case above to see what they discovered.

Fabulous Calicoes
View extraordinary buttons from the Lorah/Morgan collection
acquired by Millicent Safro and Diana Epstein.

Read about China Buttons
Discover books, articles and websites about china button collecting.

China Buttons "Beyond the China Book"
View china buttons that are unlisted patterns or body styles.

China Button Gallery
View china buttons that are unusual and extraordinary.

Chinas in Competition
China button cards entered in button competitions at the state and national levels.

Meet China Button Collectors
Learn more about those who collect china buttons...

Original Cards
If you're interested in china buttons from a historical aspect...
take a look at these china buttons on their original sales cards.

China Whistle Gallery
China buttons collectors share scans of their china whistles
to illustrate the 20 body shapes and 10 patterns of whistles.
Also a look at unusual china whistles.

The Elusive China Igloo
A gallery of china igloos along with
a description of the color combinations found.

China Bulletin Board
Post a question about your china buttons
or show a new find.

Finding China Buttons
Visit this page to discover those places where china buttons are for sale on the web.

Organizing Your China Buttons
Download workcards to organize your calicoes, stencils and other china buttons.

Links to Other China Button Sites
Find other informational and commercial websites
with more information about china buttons.

Rimmed buttons on this page are from the collection of Janet White. This site is being maintained cooperatively by a group of button collectors who have focused their collections on china buttons.

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